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Speaking Your Truth

What does it mean to speak your truth?

Why is it important?

In our struggle to make it out there as entrepreneurs, side hustlers and advocates of wellness, one of our first goals is to simply put ourselves out there and find our audience. In doing so, it can be easy to feel anonymous, like no one sees you or notices you. How do we stand out and make an impression on people? The best way to put yourself out there is to get crystal clear on who you are, what you stand for, and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. Defining who you are shows others what is unique about you and how they might resonate with you. Why do you love your passion and how does it define you? What’s your message to your audience?

For example, perhaps you suffered years of corporate burnout and finally discovered wellness secrets like meditation, herbalism and yoga as career-saving alternatives and now your life mission is to help others avoid the same pitfalls of burnout. People want to hear your story and hear your passion for this!

Maybe you’re a yoga teacher with your own personal style of yoga designed to help insomniacs sleep better and regain their life. People are ready to empathize with your stories of struggling through the night just for an hour of sleep and how yoga was a game changer for you and gave you your life back.

Speaking your truth can be as simple as proudly exclaiming that, for example, your passion for acupuncture helped you avoid a heart attack. Your message would be how wellness literally saved your life and now you want to inspire others to do the same. People who’ve tried western medicine and failed want to hear about your health scares and the benefits of alternative medicine.


Putting yourself out there and expressing who you are in this way makes you human, personable, and relatable to others in a way that makes an impact on them. People begin to notice you. They subscribe to your social media accounts and start listening to your podcast. They want to hear more. They have questions, “Can you help me with this?”. The more you express your personal relationship to your passion, why you love it and why you want to help others, people will resonate with you. You will begin to attract your audience and find your tribe. Whatever your passion, what’s your personal story behind it? Why do you love your passion and why do you want to help others?

For me personally, speaking my truth as the biggest example of who I am and how I relate to life comes from my connection to others; my relationships. I truly enjoy getting to know what someone is all about, resonating with them and sharing that type of connection as their unique value with the world. My passion for wanting to help others is rooted in the fact that I actually give a damn about you. I am genuinely interested in who you are and what you’re about: your passion, your values, what makes you who you are and why. I want to know what makes you special!

Here’s one of my own personal examples of where speaking my truth comes from:

Part of wellness to me is our relationship to ‘place’: the place around us that we inhabit, the inner place of our heart, our sense of belonging, our overall place in life. Much of my heart’s self-identity comes from my connection with and relationship to my closest friends. My friends are my source of love, compassion and emotional support. They make me feel seen, heard and understood. I can truly be my authentic self with them. My friends nourish me like the earth nourishes the roots of a tree.

A few weeks ago, my relationship to my outer ‘place’ changed when I moved into a new apartment in the east bay, far outside of San Francisco where I had lived for 12 years.

Moving our sense of ‘home’ and the ensuing transitions can be so difficult. When the actual move took place, I suddenly felt that I was quickly getting up and leaving 12 years of self-identity and friendships in San Francisco. :( Before I knew it, I desperately missed my friends but more importantly, who I was in relationship to them. I felt like a piece of my heart was missing and along with it, my sense of who I am. In my heart, I felt adrift, unmoored, twisting in the wind, listless. Frankly, I just felt lonely. I felt like a tree whose roots had been abruptly ripped out of the ground. My wellness took a deep dive. I was burnt out from the physical move itself and now I was feeling disconnected from friends and my heart. I felt so ungrounded.

To make things worse, I couldn’t even settle into where I was trying to live. It was 100+ degrees for over a week, the California wildfires began, the downstairs neighbors played loud was all too much. I reached out to friends for connection, which helped, but it was far from sustaining or nourishing in a consistent, long-term way. During this time, I discussed my feelings with my good friend Margaret. Margaret is a wonderful therapist with an interest in eco-psychology who recently wrote a blog post on developing a relationship to the place around us and within us by utilizing a “sit spot” to connect with nature. Given how much I was having trouble grounding anywhere outwardly or inwardly, I listened closely.

Margaret writes, “Coming home to nature (or: how a sit spot can save you)”:

“ consciously engaging with the place where you live, you can develop a relationship with it that can enhance your sense of well-being and connection.”

“When I’ve moved to new places and felt alone, finding a sit spot has always helped me to find my bearings, to feel at home.”

“...developing a conscious connection with the non-human world can help to restore balance, comfort and well-being. In times of trouble, a sit spot can quite literally save you.”