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Marketing your own private yoga classes can be overwhelming, frustrating, even scary… “Where do i find customers?” “What should I say in my marketing content?” “What do customers really WANT?” Figuring out the answer to questions like these can feel so FRUSTRATING.


The answer is simple. What your customers YOU! You offer unique value that your students will LOVE. You just need to find them. So often, we endlessly chase customers, bending over backward to gain their attention and praying they notice us. This isn’t how it works. You need to ATTRACT customers and not just any customers...YOUR customers. 


I offer coaching that will help you successfully market your value, create your brand and attract students. In fact, right now, I’m offering you a FREE coaching session! 


Together we will work out a plan to:


  • Craft an outline for your marketing content. 


  • Find your voice.


  • Uncover your unique, hidden value and any challenges along the way.


  • Inspire you to speak your truth, find your tribe and attract your clients!


You’ll leave feeling excited and ready to break through anonymity and make a name for yourself! 


My regular coaching fee is $100+/hr. but we are in uncertain times so right now, I am offering you a FREE session to get you started! Are you ready to take charge of your business, create your brand and JUMPSTART your value?? Let’s get STARTED!! :) My availability changes often so please book early! 


To get started, click "Book" below and answer any or all of the 3 questions below and I’ll be in touch! 


  • Where are you in your process of starting your business? 


  • What kinds of clients would you like to attract? 

  • What’s your passion and what made you want to start your own business?

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