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Come as you are.

silly, authentic, come as you are, vulnerable, human

What does it mean to live our values? For example, embodying holistic values sounds like it should come from the highest ideals of an integrated mind + body + spirit...but does it always have to? Are you leaving room for silliness and play? Maybe you’re feeling a little snarky today? Or even cranky? We call these moments, “being human” because they represent our vulnerability and are just as important in creating connection, shared values and community as our highest ideals. So, have you had any moments in which you felt especially human or vulnerable, today? I’ll go first! On my afternoon run, i felt into how grateful I was to feel connected to my best friends in ways that spanned time and distance (especially during a quarantine!!). For example, I have a friend, Wendy. We enjoy and are connected by the silliness and play of an adult with a well developed inner child and we love discussing Harry Potter or exploring nature without a care in the world. She’s a great listener and I feel safe telling her anything. Whenever I feel into this level of connection with friends in my heart, it always makes me smile. During my run, I began to smile and I mean a big, wide, dumb grin from ear to ear. I felt like smiling at everyone who stared at me and even did, a few times! They must have thought I was crazy, haha! It was good medicine for me to show up and own my happiness in front of others, which I often keep quite reserved. Sharing small moments of happiness and vulnerability like this feels just as holistic as the deep wisdom i’ve learned from, for example, a mindfulness practice. So keep playing, keep being silly, make mistakes, share your vulnerabilities...keep being human. Have you had any moments in which you felt especially human or vulnerable, today? Share in the comments below!

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