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Nick Cederlind, connexions, branding, content marketing




You have a Story. You have Purpose. You have a Message.

Create Relationships that communicate your Value to the World.

Life is about Relationships. Relationships are the biggest way i relate to life. When we are connected through relationship, we become more than just ourselves. 

What connects us? Our passions reflect our deepest values and when we express our passions, we create unique relationships around shared values that allow us to see ourselves reflected in others. A value exchange occurs and we grow.

I enjoy exploring the “Why” behind your passions. Why did you get into this? Why does it define you? What’s your “Why”? I enjoy being a sounding board for people to raise their self-awareness by exploring their core values and how to communicate them to the world.

I believe you are a unique expression of your passions.

I believe you can connect the world in powerful new ways.

I believe in You.

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We explore your story, core values and passions. Who are you? How do you see the world? How do you come through your product/service business? What relationship should this form with others? What’s your message to the world? What are your Goals? what’s blocking you?

During our discovery of your “Why”, i will model the social aspects of how your values connect with others, becoming a sounding board for you to hear yourself and deepen your self awareness, discover more about how you feel, etc. Essentially, my approach is to add an interpersonal lens to your passions, emphasizing the relationships they form and how they connect you to others. .


Our goal together is to develop compelling, emotional marketing content that embodies the social component/aspect of who you are/your core values as your product/service that resonate with others and form relationships that drive a value exchange.

Along the way, we’ll develop your message to the world that expresses your core values. We’ll identify the relationships that define how you’re connected to the world and yourself through your passions. We’ll also define your unique value to the world as the personal embodiment of your passion/product/service.


This is for solopreneurs who are ready to create marketing content that will reach customers. Solopreneurs are often called upon to be the embodiment of their passion/product/service and its values in building social relationships with customers, businesses, partners, etc.

This is for those who want to discover the message that their passion sends to the world and define the relationships formed by its value to them.

This is for those who love their craft unto itself but are unsure about what the social component of their passion is, how it connects them to others around them or who are unsure of how to embody their passions in a way that forms relationships with those it benefits.

This is for those who seek to measure and market their “Why” around their passions.

This is for those who seek to express their core values socially and create relationships to customers.

This is for those who are passionate about their product/service but are unsure how it forms relationships to those around them.

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